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HOLY CATS you guys! The new Adored Vintage is live! It’s ALIVE! It’s A-L-I-V-E!!

Okie dokes, if you’re having loading issues with the new site, just CLEAR YOUR CACHE and DELETE them cookies girl!

I feel like the last few weeks have been a whirlwind… oh gosh, I don’t even know where to begin. Even after the new site launch, I really haven’t taken a breath. Ok, I’m going to take a BIG OLE DEEP BREATHE right now.

Ahh, that’s a bit better.

Adored Vintage | Shop & Business Talk

Okie dokes… so I spent the last few weeks building the new website and Adored Vintage is now powered by SHOPIFY. I am super loving the new digs! I was previously using Zen Cart, which is kind of like that old super comfy couch at your parent’s house that is really dated and there’s a dent in some of the cushions that’s the same exact shape as your body…so you’re COMFORTABLE and you don’t want to move.

Because being uncomfortable sucks. 

Anyhow, this summer has been kind of a weird one for me. Can’t say it’s been my favorite summer. However, I have also done A LOT of growing up within my business. I am going list these out because really, I have to convince myself of these accomplishments.

  1. I am becoming an Accounting Queen. OK…maybe not queen, maybe like Dowager of Downton. But dang, I am impressed with my (so far) dedication to every other Monday accounting. Logging miles and expenses and checking finances. Super boring business stuff NO ONE tells you about.
  2. I have AT LAST perfected a SOP for webshop updates. OMG. I’m super jazzed about my new system. It involves SKU assignments, lots of tags, lots of sharpies, a Processing Log notebook, and re-arranging the AV HQ (AGAIN!)
  3. I FINALLY organized the shipping/cleaning supplies section of the studio. JEEZ LOUISE. This was one of those projects that kept getting put in the back burner and then when it would come to shipping products I would find I ran out of label paper, or tape, or padded envelopes. Now that ALL the materials are in ONE place and super organized, I’ll know when my supplies are running low and need to reorder.
  4. And built a new website. Doi.

So let me tell you a little bit about the process of building my new website:

  • I spent a total of approximately 40 hours on it
  • I cried twice during the process
  • I victory danced 3 times, maybe 4 when I figured stuff out via Google/Youtube/Forums
  • I had to restart the rebuilding process after I spent 2 days on one version coz I broke something and didn’t know how to fix it (auuuuugggh)
  • I ate approximately 6 fast food meals (I know, I know…) ok, I lied. It was more like 10. I can feel your judgement!
  • I re-watched all of Rupaul’s Drag Race Season 4-7 during the process.

I was so nervous about changing over to Shopify because I was worried I wouldn’t be able to figure out the file structure. That moving over would prove I really don’t know how to code websites. Turns out, if you can read code, you’ll be ok. Thankfully I have about 10 years of web design/development experience under my belt and thankfully Google exists. There’s still A LOT I don’t know about Shopify, but all in good time. It took me a good 2 years with Zen Cart to really hammer that nail down.

Now that I’m getting more familiar with my new digs, I keep thinking to myself “Why didn’t I do this sooner? Why?” There are still several things I want to change on the website, but I need to take it a little easy on the coding stuff for a bit.

So, what do you think of the new site? Are there features you think would make it better? (Constructive comments only please! I DO take them all into consideration as many of the new site features were customer suggestions!)

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It’s Here At Last…Moving In!

After months of waiting, we finally got to move into our new shop space in Portland! It’s been a long time since I’ve really digged into what our shop will be all about. I think last time I wrote about it we didn’t even have a shop name.

So, let’s get through the first round of basics.

The name of the new shop: Ro & Ro General Merchants

Now, perhaps you are wondering where the name stems from. Oh wait, you weren’t? Too bad, I’m telling ya anyway!

My name is Rodellee, my fiancé is Robby. Ro and Ro. I know. SO clever. 

The shop is located in: SE Portland in the Clinton neighborhood. We love this area. Our favorite breakfast place (Cafe Broder) is just across the street!

Adored Vintage | Ro & Ro General Merchants

As you may have read in this post that I am not opening up a vintage shop. I adore vintage (duh, it’s kind of the name I chose for my shop) but I love so much more than just vintage. I love clothes in general, products that make me feel pretty and wares that make my home more cozy and beautiful. I’m not exactly sure what shop to compare Ro & Ro to because I’ve never come across it yet. Similar things yes, I’ve seen plenty of general type stores that also sell vintage. But where’s the bit of fantasy, the whimsy, the bit of dreaminess?

Adored Vintage | Ro & Ro General Store

We just started moving a few pieces into the shop, so it’s very sparse at the moment. There are some simple build outs to do and then we need to build a dressing room. After that we will just be decorating. My favorite part!

Adored Vintage | Ro & Ro General Store

I always love before and after photos, so this is why I am sharing so many before pictures! It’s nice to look back and think “My, how far we’ve come, look how we’ve changed!”

Adored Vintage | Ro & Ro General Store

Holding “Clemence”. I’m hoping a year from now Clemence is thriving and still alive. If not, at least we got a cool picture together.

Adored Vintage | Ro & Ro General Store

Ta-dah! JAZZ HANDSSSS. Me and my love (aka Ro & Ro) I’m really looking forward to showing this photo to our kids someday and saying “Look, this is when Mom and Dad opened up their dream shop and soon after became bajillionares.

Just kidding.

Adored Vintage | Ro & Ro General Store

A fresh start. A blank slate. And those gorgeous vintage shop windows and the original exposed wood ceiling. Simple concrete floors. Lots of natural light (there is a skylight on the other side of the shop) And the shop has stairs that lead up to my office. I really couldn’t have asked for a more perfect shop space! I love it so very very much!

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of hats & lavender


Quite some time ago I came across this photo of a very large straw hat that was traditionally worn by women who harvested lavender in Provence (here is the pic). And my heart just soared! You must know by now dear friend how much I adore hats and this was like the MOTHER of all straw hats. So then began my many months of searching for a large floppy straw hat with a black ribbon.

My search finally came to a fruitful end when my friends at Urban Americana (an antique mall in Long Beach, CA…please do visit them, they are so wonderful!) had just the sort of hat I was searching for! And how very fitting that next weekend (June 28th) I will be popping up at Shop Summer Camp in Ojai, California during the annual Ojai Lavender Festival! Isn’t this so serendipitous? Gosh, I love when things like this just work out without meaning to!

So here I am, wearing my very large straw hat for a promo picture for the vintage pop-up in Ojai!




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