An Edwardian Courtship

These early 1900s stereogram cards depicting an Edwardian courtship are sweet and very hokey. But I like corny things like this, so I thought I’d share them. Also, I adore all their dresses and blouses as the Edwardian era holds a dear place in my heart.

I adore this one. Mostly because it reminds me of my husband and I. He loves to rest his head on my lap and if he had hair, I’d run my fingers through it, but since he doesn’t, I just trace circles on his head.

This one was titled something along the lines of “Carving Their Names for Memory’s Sake” and the lady just looks like she’s not into this idea.

I think this was was titled “Between the News”. It’s so silly. Why are they tangled up in newspapers? Aren’t they afraid of paper cuts? I would be!

Haha this one is so funny and a little creepy. Why is the fella just leering at her from a bush with that creepy look on his face. Haha, oh silly Edwardians!

This one is rather comical too. I wonder what the fuss was all about. Perhaps he insulted her feathered hat. Or is that a shawl? Actually, on closer glance, it must be a shawl. Isn’t her blouse so lovely? And that locket around her neck,¬†perhaps the fuss is all about whose portrait is in that locket…hmm…one does wonder.

image credits: all stereogram image cards from The Library of Congress Stereocard online collection

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