Everyday Styles of Women in the 1940s


While it’s so much fun to oooh and aaah over 1940s fashion magazine editorials and Hollywood starlets dressed to the nines, I mostly prefer seeing how the everyday woman actually dressed. Here are some images I sourced from the wonderful Tumblr 1940 to 1949, you must go visit after you’ve read this post to see more fashions from the 1940s!

everyday1940sfashion  everyday1940sfashion-3
everyday1940sfashion-4  everyday1940sfashion-5

I really adore the dresses the three gals are wearing, I could easily see myself wearing any of these. Also this truck is awesome, I know my husband would really love it!

everyday1940sfashion-9  everyday1940sfashion-12

I love these three! When the weather cools off again, I’ll be quite ready to wear scarves around my head again!

everyday1940sfashion-6  everyday1940sfashion-7
everyday1940sfashion-13  everyday1940sfashion-14
everyday1940sfashion-15  everyday1940sfashion-16

I pretty much want to be friends with these last two gals solely based on their outfits and what they’re currently doing (holding a kitty, reading a book in the park). *hehe*

All images via 1940to1949.tumblr.com

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