Vintage Shop Update | Path To Soubise

It’s 60 degrees fahrenheit here in Portland, and we had a hard time coming in the studio to work instead of frolicking around in fields. Instead, we had a short picnic at the park next to the studio, so we can give you a shop update! Filled with some lingerie, both vintage and modern, and dresses!


Sympathetic Sighs CapeTour En L’Air Step InDeauville Society Dress


antique 1890s victorian black mourning cape


vintage inspired white sheer crochet lace dress


vintage 1960s cream silk mod bowtie dress


vintage 1950s red pink panel rose print dress


vintage 1950s pale green tulle prom dress


vintage 1950s emma domb tiered eyelet dress


vintage 1950s black curled wooled shawl


vintage 1940s black sheer lace separates set


vintage 1940s black embroidered scallop slip


vintage 1930s peach pink chiffon embroidered tap shorts


vintage 1930s pale pink lace trimmed tap shorts


vintage 1930s black sheer bias cut night gown


vintage 1920s rose pink ecru lace stepin


Tour En L’Air Step In / Blush Choise Tap Shorts / Deauville Society Dress


vintage 1920s brown silk pleat school dress


vintage inspired rose lilac pink bralette


vintage inspired pale pink silk lingerie camisole


vintage inspired classic black cotton triangle bra


antique 1910s brown velvet evening jacket

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Vintage Style Notes | Land Girls


find it in the shop: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

During World War One and Two, as men were sent to war, women were needed to help out in factories and farms. Today’s vintage style notes is inspired by the Land Girls! The ladies who ended up working on farms. Their clothes were often neutrals, browns and greens, colors we at Adored Vintage love!

We put together a little list of things you need to be a Land Girl:

  • overalls or trousers
  • hair twisted up with a scarf
  • waist belts
  • baskets
  • collared shirts underneath sweaters
  • knee high socks
  • brimmed hat
  • leather boots

There you have it! Tag us in your Land Girl photos on Instagram! If you don’t follow us yet, our moniker is @adoredvintage.

source:  1 | 2 | 3 | 4

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Vintage Style Notes | Teddy Girls


Find it in the shop: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

If you know The Beatles, I’m sure you know of Teddy Boys. But did you know there were Teddy Girls? In case you didn’t, let me give you a little brief. Teddy Boys were a 1950s subculture in England. You can say they were post-war punks. After the war, there was an abundance of vintage Edwardian suits, and the youth started wearing them.

Their style was influenced by Edwardian dandies. Teddy Girls, also known as Judies, were their female counterparts. They wore blazers over collared shirts, neck scarves, secretary bows, velvet, brooches, straw hats, and Edwardian hairstyles. The most important part of their style, however, is their attitude. They were rebellious young ladies. Teddy Girls were daughters of working class immigrants and at the age of 14 or 15 they often left school to work in a factory, so as a response to their struggle, they grew thick skin.

What I love so much about Teddy Girls is although they were known as girl gangs and were notorious for being misfits, they didn’t wear torn up casual clothes, they were dressed up in clothing that high end Edwardian aristocrats would wear.

So, next time I’m feeling a bit rebellious, I’ll be reaching for a brooch and and tweed blazer, not fishnets and studded mini skirts (which I actually don’t even own!).

source: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

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Vintage Monday Muse | Women of Art

The largest inspirations for Adored Vintage shoots and Lookbooks come from old paintings and drawings of women. I can spend hours upon hours browsing through these old paintings. Not only were their lives and garments so romantic, they have such a special essence to the way they sit, stand, or just do things. I love how graceful and lovely they look even while sitting upon rocks, gathering hay, or tossing a salad. These are our ultimate style/hair/squad/life goals here at AV.

“A Garden Party”, Gari Melchers

3bdb13155c80f52a3e7ea333b5705533Portrait of Madame F.”Edouard Dubufe

2f194409cfef924a0fd1394156d98184“Zwei Sitzende”Egon Schiele

8f4c68c4cde03840b07d5558aefe6db9“Portrait of Olga Konstantinovna Lancere”, Zinaida Serebriakova

877931d1a9cf3e37efa08d09689d2be2The Glen Walker Sisters”, John da Costa

98b68e8864e62d154341fed3ff5c53f6The Lady of the House”, William Henry Margetson

7103f9d7dbc2a814ad5dc9de145f26b7“Caprice”, Sir William Russell Flint

92769d08c5158c15c6cd72f3d0943ba0“The Sevres Vase”, James Jebusa Shannon

dfb62dee8f3f107f4ec73cdaa6b643d3“Reflections”, Ethel Porter Bailey

2ecd720be488654d0e436ad5e0e6c654“The Boulder”, Charles Courtney Curran

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Vintage Shop Update | Cinnamon Pinch

We have a big shop update for you! Yay! We’re coming at you with a holiday and wintery theme, inspiration coming from baking cookies, Christmas songs, and folk stories. Kisses of red and green within lots of neutrals. We sure hope you’re staying warm (and for those of you in Portland, dry!) out there.

IMG_9836vintage 1970s light cream lace robe | vintage 1950s red plaid patch pocket skirt | vintage 1920s ukrainian silk flapper dress

vintageautumnrosesilkhaorijacketvintage autumn rose silk haori jacket

vintage1970sredscarfprintskirtvintage 1980s red scarf print skirt

vintage1970slightcreamlacerobevintage 1970s light cream lace robe

vintage1960swhiteboldfloralprintpleatskirtvintage 1960s white bold floral print pleat skirt

vintage1960sorangeyellowroseprintdressvintage 1960s orange yellow rose print dress

vintage1960soffwhiteslipdresswithcontrastfloralvintage 1960s off-white slip dress with contrast floral

vintage1960sclassicredplaidcapevintage 1960s classic red plaid cape

vintage1950swhitecottonskirtwithredfolkembroideredvintage 1950s white cotton skirt with red folk embroidery

vintage1950sredplaidpatchpocketskirtvintage 1950s red plaid patch pocket skirt

vintage1950snordictrimmedponchovintage 1950s nordic trimmed cape

vintage1940sgoldenyellowrayongownvintage 1940s golden yellow rayon gown with appliqués

vintage1930ssheerblackfloralprintdresswithdrapingvintage 1930s sheer black floral print dress with draping

vintage1920sukrainiansilkflapperdressvintage 1920s ukrainian silk flapper dress

vintage1920sivoryembroideredtulledressvintage 1920s ivory embroidered tulle dress

TWEET_vintage1930smadrastaffetagownwithbowvintage 1930s madras taffeta gown with bow

antique1910sblackpleatnightgownantique 1910s romantic sheer black pleat nightgown

antique1900ssheerlacegownwithpeachrosettesantique 1900s sheer lace gown with peach rosettes

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