A Guide to Cleaning & Laundering Vintage Clothes

One of the most popular questions I receive as a vintage seller is “How do I clean vintage clothing?” or “How do I get this stain out?” Well my  darling little muffins, I have put together the first of many laundering and cleaning vintage clothing guides for you! I even formatted it in a lovely (well at least I hope YOU think it’s LOVELY!) info graphic so I hope you will share this with others or pin it on Pinterest!

Guide to Cleaning and Laundering Vintage Clothing from Adored Vintage


Now, a bit of background and a little disclaimer. 

I have been handling vintage clothing for over a decade. HOLY CATS that’s a long time to be getting it on with old clothes! But, see, in these 10 plus years I have learned A LOT about cleaning vintage. But, I MUST stress that I am NOT an expert on laundry! Ask my future husband, he will tell you that I actually kind of suck at it. Well, modern day laundry anyway.

Anyway… my point is, I KNOW what I’m talking about, but I don’t know EVERYTHING. These handy little guides and tips were all tried by me and through many laundry failures I’ve picked up a couple tricks or two I want to share. Now, the other thing you must understand is to remember you are dealing with OLD TEXTILES. You really don’t know WHERE that dress has been. You can just GUESS what that stain is. (Are you grossed out yet?) So, while I may advise you to use lemon on a certain stain and it doesn’t work for you even though it worked for me…remember, not all stains are one in the same and take into account the fabric it’s on, how long it’s been there, etc etc.

In other words, there are no guarantees. Now, if I haven’t scared you enough yet about cleaning and laundering vintage clothing…God speed my little laundress queens!


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