Vintage Shop Update | Path To Soubise

It’s 60 degrees fahrenheit here in Portland, and we had a hard time coming in the studio to work instead of frolicking around in fields. Instead, we had a short picnic at the park next to the studio, so we can give you a shop update! Filled with some lingerie, both vintage and modern, and dresses!


Sympathetic Sighs CapeTour En L’Air Step InDeauville Society Dress


antique 1890s victorian black mourning cape


vintage inspired white sheer crochet lace dress


vintage 1960s cream silk mod bowtie dress


vintage 1950s red pink panel rose print dress


vintage 1950s pale green tulle prom dress


vintage 1950s emma domb tiered eyelet dress


vintage 1950s black curled wooled shawl


vintage 1940s black sheer lace separates set


vintage 1940s black embroidered scallop slip


vintage 1930s peach pink chiffon embroidered tap shorts


vintage 1930s pale pink lace trimmed tap shorts


vintage 1930s black sheer bias cut night gown


vintage 1920s rose pink ecru lace stepin


Tour En L’Air Step In / Blush Choise Tap Shorts / Deauville Society Dress


vintage 1920s brown silk pleat school dress


vintage inspired rose lilac pink bralette


vintage inspired pale pink silk lingerie camisole


vintage inspired classic black cotton triangle bra


antique 1910s brown velvet evening jacket

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Bestow A Kiss | A Shop Update

Oh how I adore vintage lingerie from the 1920s and the 1930s. The details are so sweet, so delicate, so very feminine. I always have a hard time listing vintage lingerie in the shop and I think because I get so attached to all these lovely things. I used to wear them to bed, but unfortunately tore quite a few. These delicate beauties are really just meant for lounging around in (preferably with a cocktail)…not tossing and turning in your sleep.

Vintage 1920s 1930s LingerieVintage lingerie waiting to be steamed and photographed in the studio.

vintage peach silk kimono with fern print
vintage peach silk kimono with fern print

antique 1910s cream silk embroidered camisole

antique 1910s cream silk embroidered camisole

Vintage 1930s Lingerie Tap Shorts

vintage 1930s pink tap shorts with lace and bows |vintage 1930s pink silk tap shorts with rosettes |  vintage 1930s pink tap shorts with lace inserts

vintage 1930s white rayon floral print nightgown
vintage 1930s white rayon floral print nightgown

vintage 1930s peach satin nightgown with lace bodice
vintage 1930s peach satin nightgown with lace bodice

vintage 1910s pale pink silk embroidered camisole
vintage 1910s pale pink silk embroidered camisole

vintage 1930s pale peach rayon lace insert gown
vintage 1930s pale peach rayon lace insert gown

vintage pink silk haori kimono with garden print
vintage pink silk haori kimono with garden print

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Salonnière | A Vintage Shop Update

I continue to read The Many Lives and Secret Sorrows of Josephine B. and you can probably tell many of the product names in todays vintage lingerie shop update was inspired by the French impress who married Napoleon Bonaparte.

VICOMTESSE BEAUHARNAIS GOWN | vintage 1920s pink silk nightgown with ecru lace panels

Isn’t this nightgown so very dreamy? Lately I have been sleeping in vintage slips. It is nice to wake up and see one’s very disheveled reflection in a pretty lace decorated number and think “Well, at least my nightgown is pretty.”


Today’s vintage shop update featured lingerie and loungewear from the 1920s, 1930s, and 1940s. I sometimes forget how many of these pretty things I have in my stockroom and then I come across them and go “OH! I think it’s time to put these in the shop!”

SALONNIÈRE SILK TEDDY | vintage 1930s pale peach flared teddy lingerie

SABINE PAJAMA SET | vintage 1930s pink rayon silk pajama set

MARGAUX SILK TEDDY | vintage 1930s pink lace trimmed teddy

TREWETHEN GARDENS ROBE | vintage 1940s pink rose print quilted house robe

PETITE ANTHEMIS SLIP | vintage 1940s vanity fair white nylon gathered bodice slip

ELLESMERE BLOOMS SLIP | vintage 1960s embroidered pleated full slip

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Vintage lingerie & Morning Coffee




I’ll be quite honest, I’ve been stressed lately. And it’s OK. I actually don’t stress out about things that often, but recently, even for me, I’m feeling a lot on my plate.

So, naturally, I retreat into pretty beautiful things. It relaxes me. It calms me down. It allows me to make sense of chaos I can’t quite grapple right now.

A desire to minimize, clean, and organize is bubbling up within me. And Spring still seems so far away but it will be here very soon (but not soon enough!)

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Vintage Lingerie | Something Delicate, Something Blue

vintagelingerie-adoredvintage-1 vintagelingerie-adoredvintage-2 vintagelingerie-adoredvintage-3 vintagelingerie-adoredvintage-4 vintagelingerie-adoredvintage-5

Ladies, Valentine’s Day will soon be upon us if mainstream retail America have not knocked you over the head with it yet. Instead of red, pink, and white…why not try French blue, ecru, and antique ivory for Valentine’s Day evening wear?

Recently I photographed several antique and vintage lingerie and boudoir evening pieces. I’ll be adding these into the shop this week so you’ll have it in plenty of time before Valentine’s Day!

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