Wishful Sewing


I cannot sew. It would seem like I do considering the amount of repairs I’ve done for Adored Vintage, but nearly all of these are HAND DONE. It takes me forever.

My mother on the other hand is a master seamstress. She has the uncanny talent of being able to simply look at a picture of a garment and then magically make it. I am not engineered this way. I so wish I was! And if I had kickass sewing skills… here are the vintage patterns I would have made already.

Most of these vintage patterns are from the late 30s by the way, I have such a soft spot for this period of fashion.


Vintage dress sewing pattern from 1939. I adore the peter pan collar so much and the slightly puffed sleeves.


Isn’t this vintage sewing pattern from 1937 just perfect? This is my favorite silhouette, perhaps not such a wide shoulder though. Soft a-lines cut on the bias are the most flattering for my frame.


This vintage skirt from the late 30s is great. So are these shoes!


Early 1940s vintage dress sewing pattern. I adore this silhouette! So flattering!


It’s another late 30s dress pattern! I bet you are super surprised!

Maybe my late summer project will be to finally attempt sewing something from start to finish…

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Vintage lingerie & Morning Coffee




I’ll be quite honest, I’ve been stressed lately. And it’s OK. I actually don’t stress out about things that often, but recently, even for me, I’m feeling a lot on my plate.

So, naturally, I retreat into pretty beautiful things. It relaxes me. It calms me down. It allows me to make sense of chaos I can’t quite grapple right now.

A desire to minimize, clean, and organize is bubbling up within me. And Spring still seems so far away but it will be here very soon (but not soon enough!)

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