As She Was | Found Vintage Photos

As She Was | Found Photos of Everyday Women

The clothing women choose to wear tells a lot about her, whether intentionally or not. If photos tell 1,000 words, we’re willing to bet the clothing worn aids this story enormously.

Perhaps this is why we adore vintage photos of women so much and seeing what everyday women wore doing normal everyday things. Life isn’t always about the big SHABANG moments. So much of life happens in simple clothing, unmade faces, and messy hair.

As She Was | Found Photos of Everyday Women

As She Was | Found Photos of Everyday Women

As She Was | Found Photos of Everyday Women

image sources: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10

We adore the image above so much! We just want to be friends with these gals. And the pleated wool skirt the gal in the middle is wearing, of course we love it, we’re such suckers for a-line pleated skirts.

As She Was | Found Photos of Everyday Women

As She Was | Found Photos of Everyday WomenAs She Was | Found Photos of Everyday Women

As She Was | Found Photos of Everyday Women

As She Was | Found Photos of Everyday Women

As She Was | Found Photos of Everyday Women

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Some Vintage Autochrome Photos to Cheer Your Day


I find vintage autochrome photos so beautiful! To me they look half a painting, half a photograph. I’ve seen several on Pinterest (and I’ve already posted about autochromes before), so I wanted to share some new ones I found around the web. Luckily Tumblr is a wonderful source for finding beauty when you are searching for it!

vintage1910sautochromephoto_01 vintage1910sautochromephoto_02

Aren’t these two above just exquisite? Isn’t her feather adorned hat SO FANCY? Also the flower cart image below (I believe it’s French) is just charming! I wish flower carts like these still existed around the city! Perhaps our sister florist shop, Rue Anafel, will start the trend up again?

vintage1910sautochromephoto_06 vintage1910sautochromephoto_07 vintage1910sautochrome_05

I am particularly fond of this potted plant still life photo because there is something so wonderfully modern about it. It could be a scene from my house! The above autochrome photos are all from Autochrome Photography Tumblr.

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Everyday Styles of Women in the 1940s


While it’s so much fun to oooh and aaah over 1940s fashion magazine editorials and Hollywood starlets dressed to the nines, I mostly prefer seeing how the everyday woman actually dressed. Here are some images I sourced from the wonderful Tumblr 1940 to 1949, you must go visit after you’ve read this post to see more fashions from the 1940s!

everyday1940sfashion  everyday1940sfashion-3
everyday1940sfashion-4  everyday1940sfashion-5

I really adore the dresses the three gals are wearing, I could easily see myself wearing any of these. Also this truck is awesome, I know my husband would really love it!

everyday1940sfashion-9  everyday1940sfashion-12

I love these three! When the weather cools off again, I’ll be quite ready to wear scarves around my head again!

everyday1940sfashion-6  everyday1940sfashion-7
everyday1940sfashion-13  everyday1940sfashion-14
everyday1940sfashion-15  everyday1940sfashion-16

I pretty much want to be friends with these last two gals solely based on their outfits and what they’re currently doing (holding a kitty, reading a book in the park). *hehe*

All images via

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Engagement Photo Inspiration from the Past

It is the month of L-O-V-E and originally I was going to post several vintage photos of couples being all lovey dovey. And I thought, hey, why not mix in some modern day engagement photos?

Ok, don’t hate me wedding photographers, but most engagement photos nowadays are just so… meh? They look staged, too bright, too forced. So, now this post has become an inspiration source for engagement photos that I hope become the new norm!


And goodness, don’t get me started on the outfits most couples wear for their engagements! LADIES! PLEASE put on a dress! I beseech you to wear a skirt with a blouse! I’ve seen too many engagement sessions where gals wear jeans, a button up shirt, and boots.

I get it, you want to be comfy. I’m sure jeans and boots are your daily mojo. But these are your engagement photos! Don’t you want to be a vision of feminine loveliness?!

I know. Not everyone is into that…although if you’re reading my blog, YOU probably are!

I just think if you’re going to make the effort to schlep your way to a hillside dotted in the most amazing wildflowers nature has to offer and a sunset that makes blind children cry… don’t you think you should wear something other than leggings and a sweater?

We think so! And hope you do too!

All images sourced from Pinterest via our LOVE board

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