Adored Vintage Instagram Recap | Exteriors


We love seeing things in collections. Sometimes I feel like seeing things with other things somehow gives it so much more meaning, it seems a story is created. So, we decided to put together a collection from our Instagram!

This collection is exteriors! Houses from around our beautiful city, Portland, to be exact. Portland is filled with so many charming houses. It’s one of the things I first fell in love with about this town. If you know Adored Vintage, you know that we love old homes as much as old clothes. Just like clothes, they have so much time and history. I always wonder about the secrets an old house holds.

If you don’t follow our Instagram, our account name is @adoredvintage! We post there daily, and there you can see even MORE photographs of beautiful old structures.

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Where I’m Coming From…

When I was nine I immigrated to America with my mother to a little town called Yorktown Heights in New York. I quickly adjusted to a new life in the suburbs learning all there was to know about what it meant to be American. (This meant Saturday morning cartoons, Sesame Street, sleepovers, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, pizzaaaaaa, and McDonalds)

I grew up in a family setting where you didn’t really ask questions. Now, we’re going to get a little PERSONAL up in here, ya ready? (you don’t have to keep reading, just look at the pretty pictures…)


I have no relationship with my biological father. I’ve only met him twice that I can remember, and faint recollections as a child. To cut to the chase, my mother was, how shall we say…”the other woman” and my biological dad was already married with 4 kids of his own. Anyhow, all that stuff is fuzzy and like I said, in my family, we don’t prod and pry into business that’s not ours.


Sooo… needless to say, I really had no connection to the Philippines when we left. I never really desired to know much about the country I spent most of my childhood in. I have wonderful memories from my childhood, but ask me about Philippine history or culture and you’ll be met with a blank stare.

So last night I was pondering around Pinterest as one does at 9 PM already tucked in bed. And I came across all these wonderful vintage photos of the Philippines from the late 19th century.

And amazingly enough a lot of the scenes depicted here I remember as  a child.


Now, before you make the wrong assumption that I’m really a time traveler (because how else would pictures from the 1800s look like my childhood in the 80s?!) remember that I grew up “in the sticks” of the Visayan islands.

Seeing these vintage photos from the Philippines made me wonder about my Filipino ancestors. Where do I come from really? Where do I get certain quirks and traits from? Did I have an ancestor who loved to dance? Who loved preserving old things? Who loved things when they were pleasantly worn in?


As I gaze at these women in the pictures with their dark hair and dark eyes I wonder if in someway we are related?

Unfortunately websites like do not help at all in researching these sort of things. As far as records of family in the Philippines, most of it was word of mouth. And again, if you come from a family that doesn’t talk much about things, our family history has faded away.


As someone who deeply loves history and old objects and the stories behind them, this saddens me. I’ll never really know. I’ll never have answers. All I have is what I can imagine.


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Vintage Style Notes | Teddy Girls


Find it in the shop: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

If you know The Beatles, I’m sure you know of Teddy Boys. But did you know there were Teddy Girls? In case you didn’t, let me give you a little brief. Teddy Boys were a 1950s subculture in England. You can say they were post-war punks. After the war, there was an abundance of vintage Edwardian suits, and the youth started wearing them.

Their style was influenced by Edwardian dandies. Teddy Girls, also known as Judies, were their female counterparts. They wore blazers over collared shirts, neck scarves, secretary bows, velvet, brooches, straw hats, and Edwardian hairstyles. The most important part of their style, however, is their attitude. They were rebellious young ladies. Teddy Girls were daughters of working class immigrants and at the age of 14 or 15 they often left school to work in a factory, so as a response to their struggle, they grew thick skin.

What I love so much about Teddy Girls is although they were known as girl gangs and were notorious for being misfits, they didn’t wear torn up casual clothes, they were dressed up in clothing that high end Edwardian aristocrats would wear.

So, next time I’m feeling a bit rebellious, I’ll be reaching for a brooch and and tweed blazer, not fishnets and studded mini skirts (which I actually don’t even own!).

source: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

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Amid the Gusts | A Shop Update

We have more autumn pieces for you gals (including some that would be great staples) and a bit of jewelry! Often times when I sift through outfits, I like to imagine where I would go in them, and the things I would do. These definitely have a strolling by the river on a cloudy day while drinking pumpkin lattes feel. What do you see yourself doing in this collection?


vintage 1950s red grey plaid strapless dress | vintage 1950s brown orange plaid schoolgirl dress | vintage inspired navy plaid belted jacket 


vintage inspired navy plaid belted jacket


vintage inspired grey wool floppy hat with feathers


vintage inspired cranberry a-line skirt


vintage inspired black print peplum blouse


vintage 1950s red grey plaid strapless dress


vintage 1950s brown orange plaid schoolgirl dress


vintage 1930s citrine art deco necklace


vintage 1940s white carved floral brooch pin


vintage 1940s wooden button autumn brooch


vintage 1950s dusty pink veil hat with mink


vintage 1970s reddish brown leather heels


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Vintage All Hallows’ Eve Costume Inspirations

For those of us who love to dress up, Halloween is such a treat (ha!) of a holiday. It’s a whole day dedicated to the act of dressing up as whatever you want to be!Vintage Halloween Costume Blog Post

I love self-made costumes and seeing the creative ways people portray their ideas, no matter how abstract, through clothing. Vintage costumes in particular are so wonderful, because it was a time before pre-made store-bought costumes. If you’re still cooking up ideas for your own ensemble, here are some vintage inspired costume ideas.

image sources: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9

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