A lumberjack & his flapper


Last night I got to chat with my sister (who currently lives in the Philippines) and my Dad (who lives in Florida) over Skype. I don’t get to talk with my family often and I rarely see them, so our 2 hour long chatter and catching up was really good for my soul.

I sent my Dad some recent photos of Robby and myself (and our dog) and my Dad was all…

“You look like you’re from the 1920s. And Robby looks like a lumberjack. What’s that on his head?”

“It’s a beanie, Dad.”

“Well he looks like a lumberjack.”

LOL. Old people. 🙂

The past few days have been spent relaxing (or at least TRYING) to relax. Robby and I just finished up the preliminary paperwork over our future shop space and in the next few days we’ll be signing our lease for our future brick & mortar we are sharing. (Then I will share the location and some pics!!)

I’ve thought a lot about what this shop is going to look like. I have a clear vision in my mind what it SHOULD look like… and I am 90% sure it will come to fruition… but man, if anyone ever tells you opening a retail store is easy peasy work, they’re lying through their teeth!


Because it is STRESSFUL. I seriously think I have a new patch of grey hair in the back of my head.

Or it could be because I’m just getting older. Who knows. I stopped counting grey hairs when I was in my late 20s. *sad face*

BTW, I have no idea why in every single one of these photos MY EYES ARE CLOSED. I kind of look medicated, but in a happy way. It was Christmas! I was in very high spirits yesterday spending the holiday with just my love and our little pup. I made Christmas breakfast, we opened presents, we went for a walk at Mt. Tabor, then we had terrible (terrrrrible) Vietnamese food…

Well my muffins, I hope you had a very wonderful and pleasant Christmas! I am so very excited for the New Year and to be quite honest, glad that this one is coming to a close. It has been a crazy (and wonderful) and stressful (but lots of growing) kind of year.

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