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I love looking at old photos of brides. The photographs themselves were fairly simple back then. Just a full length portrait of the bride wearing her dress, sometimes with a bouquet or her man next to her. Although the photographs were no fuss, the dresses, accessories and even flowers were so lavishly decadent.


Look at the lace on this dress! Holy moly. I could stare at this photo for hours. The sleeves are so beautiful, and the light hits it so perfectly. I love how her hair is up with adornments. It reminds me of the work of our sister bridal adornment company, Esther Jean. If you love this vintage bride look, you would love her work.

IMG_6958Finishing Touch Pins | Bacchanele Hair Combs

IMG_6957Poema Cava Wedding Dress


Look at these huge calla lillies! And this veil! Goodness.

IMG_6956Wondrous Place Dress


Although this dress looks simple and white, if you look close enough you can see it has lace throughout. I love the high neck on it. Vintage bridal bouquets were so beautiful. I love how they cascade with greens and blooms. I’m glad that natural look is coming back. Another one of Adored Vintage’s sister companies is RUE ANAFEL. They specialize in old world and vintage inspired floral design.


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Something Old, Something Blue | A Vintage Wedding Shop Update

Having just celebrated my one year wedding anniversary and attended two friends’  weddings in the past 30 days… I would say wedding season isn’t just around the corner, it’s HERE full stop!

All these joyous and romantic nuptials inspired me to add several new vintage wedding dresses, bridal heirloom jewelry, and vintage veils and hair adornments to the shop!

Adored Vintage | Vintage And Antique Wedding Dresses


I wore an antique turn of the 20th century wedding dress for my own nuptials last Spring and felt so very beautiful in it! Perhaps you will find yourself walking down the aisle and reciting your vows in a vintage wedding gown from Adored Vintage?

Rodellee of Adored Vintage Antique Vintage Wedding Dress

Adored Vintage | Vintage And Antique Wedding Dresses

And at LONG LAST… finally the Bridal Jewelry category is no longer empty! There are several new pieces of wedding worthy jewelry in the shop right now. Bright and shimmery clear rhinestones that sparkle like diamonds and sapphire and aqua blue accents. Something Old. Something Blue.


Vintage Wedding Bridal Jewelry

I have a few really beautiful antique veils to add into the shop soon, but they need a bit of special attention before they go into the bridal shop! However, there are a few sweet vintage hair adornments including a pale blush veil with wax flowers!

Rodellee Adored Vintage Antique Vintage Wedding Dress

For my own nuptials I made my veil! I used antique orange blossom wax flowers, antique lace recycled from a tattered dressed, and deconstructed a too-costume looking 1920s wedding veil.


Adored Vintage | Wedding Veils & Bridal Hair Adornments

Vintage Wedding Veil | Adored Vintage

I was very close to wearing a Cathedral length veil, but my dress had flutterry sleeves and a train already, so I opted for a shorter vintage wedding veil instead. I think originally this was a Communion veil, it has silk rosettes on it and a little odd tulle cap. The cap was odd looking on me. I found some bits of lace appliqué on an old dress that was too far gone, so I trimmed it off and stitched it onto the veil.

Antique Vintage Wedding Veil | Adored Vintage

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In Which I Finally Post Our Wedding Photos

Happy Valentine’s Day! Since it is the official day of LOVE, I thought I would share our wedding photos!

We got married last April in a small wedding chapel built in the 1800s nestled on a small hill with white wildflowers growing on it. A forest of evergreens and trees heavy with moss is the backdrop to this idyllic scene. Everything about our wedding was what we hoped for. Lovely, intentional, and understated.


There was of course some stress that came along with wedding planning. I won’t get into that, because every wedding has stress. However, I was a little heartbroken I had no one in my immediate family present for our wedding day.


Initially we were going to have the big hoopla wedding. The big white tent on the lawn, the picnic tables decked out in vintage lace and swags of greenery. Our wedding was suppose to be in May. We switched up the plans last minute and got married in April telling only close friends and family.




My florist friends Ponderosa & Thyme created the most simple and lovely English countryside inspired garlands. They also created my all white floral bouquet using the Victorian language of flowers. I wanted all white blooms because I’ve always found classic English wedding bouquets to be so lovely. My inspiration of course came from Princess Diana and Duchess Kate Middleton.





The ceremony was performed by Robby’s grandfather who is a pastor and has officiated almost all the weddings in the family. About two months before our wedding, Robby’s grandfather suffered a mild stroke so we felt beyond blessed that he was able to marry us.





After we were pronounced Man and Wife we got to ring the wedding bells! As you can see, pure joy here! It was official, we are M-A-R-R-I-E-D!



Our photographer, Jess Hunter, did such a wonderful job capturing the day! Here are some more wedding portraits of mine and Robby’s wedding day!






I’ll eventually do a blog post about my wedding dress and my veil, I promise! I think because I worked on my dress and made my wedding veil, my bridal ensemble meant so much more to me. Everything I wore was vintage/antique. Except my shoes. Those were just an old pair I had at home… but that’s for another day to tell.

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The Little Wedding Chapel in the Woods


It’s my first wedding post! So far wedding planning has been a breeze. Most of this probably has to do with Robby and I being pretty easy going people and wanting the same things. It also helps that he actually WANTS to be involved in the planning!

On our drive back from Ojai for my birthday weekend we set a date, made a preliminary guest list, and also decided on the wedding party. By that evening I had chosen flowers for my bouquet, a song for my Dad and I to dance to, and also finalized that all the flowers at the wedding will be white, cream, and ivory. We also know his grandfather will officiate the wedding as he has done for Robby’s brothers at their weddings.

The next big thing that was decided was where would we get married. It came down to mostly a financial decision. Oregon will be a much more affordable state to marry in than California. I looked up a couple chapels in the area before we flew back to Portland and upon seeing the first one…

HOLD UP… I have to slow down a bit and tell you about this moment of crossing over the bridge.

We are driving across a bridge over a river flocked with trees on both sides. While we cross the bridge Robby remembers that this is the river he and his brother went fishing at with their Dad. He was about 12 years old. His parents divorced when he was very young and his Dad was not really in the picture that often. This was the only time his Dad would ever visit them in Oregon and he took them fishing and taught them how to fish. Robby lost his father a couple of years ago, so at the mention of this, I knew he had mixed feelings of sadness and happiness all at once and I squeezed his hand tightly.

We crossed over the bridge and went around a bend…and there was the CHAPEL! This small picture perfect white chapel set right into the forest. A little wooden fence covered in moss lead up to a small hill dotted with small white daisies. The sun was streaming through the tall trees. It was perfect.

And I pretty much lost it. 

As you’ve guessed by now, I’m quite sensitive and I’m very sentimental. I leaped out of the car and I think I just threw my purse somewhere on the grounds. And I was crying “Oh it’s perfect! It’s absolutely perfect!” We both knew it! I ran right up to Robby and jumped into his arms and he spun me around. Seriously, if it were a scene from a movie, y’all would be like “OMG cut the cheese!” And we both laughed and I teared up a bit.

We had gotten a key (from a little red grocery store way down the road, that’s where they keep it, ha!) and let ourselves into the little chapel. Even more perfect! Dark wood pews, an antique piano, all white inside, and those arched windows! The only thing I didn’t like was the red carpet rolled down the middle. THAT will be covered up with something else. White probably.

Then it got a bit better! The church would also provide tables and chairs for a reception and my worst thought was these were probably going to be hideous (plastic fantastic, yick)…and instead they are vintage wooden picnic tables and benches! YES! So, another decision decide. The reception will be outdoors under a white tent with picnic tables. Rain or shine!

I really fell in love with this church. I loved where it was. I loved that Robby had a happy memory from his childhood connected to the place. I loved that he loved it. I love that it’s so simple, no fuss. We won’t be overdoing the decor here. The surroundings is already so magnificent enough!


I literally just realized I color coordinate the chapel. See what I mean, it’s meant to be!

adored-vintage-wedding-chapel-02 adored-vintage-wedding-chapel-03

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