32 Things for My 32nd Birthday

Tomorrow is my 32nd birthday and I am taking a few moments today to reflect on getting older. I have never felt my age, what does an age feel like anyway? What is 32 suppose to feel like? I recall when I was younger that I thought in my 30s I would be married, probably have kids, have my own house, and probably have a career related to fashion. Not too far off, eh?

So, if you care to get to know me a bit better… here are 32 Things About Rodellee (that’s me), the proprietress of Adored Vintage.


When I was a wee little island girl…

1. I am an immigrant to the US. I moved to New York with my mom when I was 8.
2. English is my second language, although I am no longer fluent in my native tongue (Cebuano)
3. As a child, I spent most of my summers on my grandfather’s farm helping to raise chickens and pigs
4. ZERO is the number of baby/child photos I own. What few photos I had were destroyed during the monsoons and the ones that were saved were thrown away by a very bitter ex.
5. I had to cut all my hair off when I was 5 or 6 because a girl got gum in my hair during school.
6. I loved loved loved school.
7. I briefly went to a private Catholic school that was built over a cemetery. Weird stuff happened all the time.
8. Favorite childhood memories in the Philippines include swimming in caves and riding on motorcycles.
9. Up until we moved to the US, I was raised by a single Mom who worked 2 to 3 jobs at a time to get us a better life. My work ethic comes from my Mother.
10. I played in the mud, built jungle forts, and ran around naked when it rained.

Coming to America…

11. Everything in America fascinated me. Halloween, The Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus! And the amount of toys kids had!
12. I was only allowed to watch PBS to improve my English
13. The first time I saw snow I got so excited that my 2nd grade teacher stopped her lessons and let us all look out the windows
14. I won the 2nd grade spelling bee despite my faulty English (but my reading and writing were excellent!)
15. I still have a scar on my knee from learning how to ride my bike and running into the garbage dump (the concept of “braking” came later)
16. I spent most Saturdays at the library with my Dad
17. I was obsessed with The Little Mermaid
18. And American Girl Dolls
19. Summers were spent in Vermont with family and those are still some of my favorite childhood memories.
20. At the age of 12 my Dad took a job in Austin, Texas so we moved to the South. I didn’t like it for a long time.

Let me pause for a moment here… because memories are flooding into my brain and making me feel all sappy and nostalgic. I was such a lucky child to have experienced an absolutely joyous childhood filled with wonder. I know if my childhood had been different, I would probably be a different person now. Not to say bad or sad things didn’t happen, plenty of it did. My parents raised me to really appreciate the life we have now and not to waste energy and time on things I couldn’t change. My view of the world in rose colored glasses was often encouraged alongside a dose of reality. Suffice it to say, my parents raised a very balanced grown up woman. So, thanks Mom and Dad!

Those weird teen years and my 20s…

21. I built my first website when I was 12. It was a Geocities site with my poetry (haha), pictures of my favorite paintings, and other random stuff. It TOTALLY had a sparkly gif background.
22. I was obsessed with DELIA*s, The Limited Too, Gadzooks, and 5-7-9 (early teens)
23. I spent most of my summer’s as a nanny
24. My first real job was as a hostess at Johnny Carinos
25. I was dance captain of the dance team, yearbook editor, and a member of student council while maintaining a 4.0 GPA
26. High school burned me out leading me to lazily apply to one college which lead to me being accepted at Texas A&M University. I dropped out my 2nd semester Freshman year and moved to Europe.
27. While in Europe I freelanced as a web developer, graphics designer and dabbled in video editing
28. My favorite part about living in Budapest was visiting the catacombs and the Turkish bath houses.
29. Deep sea scuba diving in Mexico and hiking a volcano in Guatemala are probably the highlights of my early/mid 20s
30. In my early 20s I started selling vintage on eBay then thought why not make my own webstore so it could be as pretty as I wanted it to be
31. Up until my late 20s I went by a completely different name. Seriously, I have a government alias. (haha and you THINK you know me!)
32. Sometimes I tell people I’m named after the small city of Rodelle in the South of France. But the actual origin of my name is just as cool.

So, there’s me in a nutshell. This was more of a life timeline 32 things about me. It will be cool to go back and read this when I’m 42. Oh man, 42 sounds old!

photo credit: Jennifer Sosa

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A lumberjack & his flapper


Last night I got to chat with my sister (who currently lives in the Philippines) and my Dad (who lives in Florida) over Skype. I don’t get to talk with my family often and I rarely see them, so our 2 hour long chatter and catching up was really good for my soul.

I sent my Dad some recent photos of Robby and myself (and our dog) and my Dad was all…

“You look like you’re from the 1920s. And Robby looks like a lumberjack. What’s that on his head?”

“It’s a beanie, Dad.”

“Well he looks like a lumberjack.”

LOL. Old people. 🙂

The past few days have been spent relaxing (or at least TRYING) to relax. Robby and I just finished up the preliminary paperwork over our future shop space and in the next few days we’ll be signing our lease for our future brick & mortar we are sharing. (Then I will share the location and some pics!!)

I’ve thought a lot about what this shop is going to look like. I have a clear vision in my mind what it SHOULD look like… and I am 90% sure it will come to fruition… but man, if anyone ever tells you opening a retail store is easy peasy work, they’re lying through their teeth!


Because it is STRESSFUL. I seriously think I have a new patch of grey hair in the back of my head.

Or it could be because I’m just getting older. Who knows. I stopped counting grey hairs when I was in my late 20s. *sad face*

BTW, I have no idea why in every single one of these photos MY EYES ARE CLOSED. I kind of look medicated, but in a happy way. It was Christmas! I was in very high spirits yesterday spending the holiday with just my love and our little pup. I made Christmas breakfast, we opened presents, we went for a walk at Mt. Tabor, then we had terrible (terrrrrible) Vietnamese food…

Well my muffins, I hope you had a very wonderful and pleasant Christmas! I am so very excited for the New Year and to be quite honest, glad that this one is coming to a close. It has been a crazy (and wonderful) and stressful (but lots of growing) kind of year.

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I’m Shirley Temple + Solo Dinner Thoughts


As a gal who operates an online vintage shop, work never really stops. Take today for example. I woke up around 7:30 (that’s PRACTICALLY sleeping in you guys!) and laid in bed thinking what I should do today. It’s Monday, it IS a work day.

There is this past week’s vintage finds and Saturday’s estate sale to launder. Oh but before I do that I HAVE to go get a clothesline! But before I do that I HAVE to go get coffee! And before I do that I HAVE to take Redford out for a walk. And then water the plants. It’s going to be hot as heck today!

After I run morning errands I get to laundering! Now, I have to tell you, I really quite enjoy hand laundering vintage. It’s like the grosser the water gets the more gleeful I am about it! I swear it’s only a feeling vintage sellers get! It’s an odd HIGH that just rushes to your brain…like “Ooooo my Gawwwwwd look how nasty the water is!!!” And it makes you feel totally triumphant! Huzzah! I am amazzzing at laundry!


By the way, these outfit pics are from yesterday. I wanted to dress up because it was Sunday and I was going to the Montavilla Farmers Market for the first time. I don’t know WHY I wanted to dress up for my first farmers market in the neighborhood, but hey, sometimes I invent special occasions to wear kinda dressy 1930s dresses. I can’t just wait for people to have parties, and I never get invited to parties anyway!

That evening I treated myself to a dinner at Tasty & Alder in downtown Portland. BTW. Are you the kind of gal that will go out to a super popular restaurant and dine by yourself? (If so, join the club!) And people kind of just look at you and wonder why you’re all alone. During solo dinner time my iPhone is my best friend and everything on it is VERY fascinating (like level 63 in Candy Crush!)


I think the gal next to me pitied me a bit. She kept offering her and her boyfriend’s food for me to try. Which was very kind of her and it’s also something I would totally do if a lonely looking gal was sitting right next to me and my fiancĂ©. But, really, I don’t want to try the green beans. Thank you!

She also tried to start a conversation a couple of times. Which is finnne but I kind of just wanted to play Candy Crush and also eavesdrop on their conversation because it was VERY entertaining.



Remember that Dane Cook bit about the couples “nothing fight” Well this couple was having a “nothing passive aggressive fight” and I was trying NOT to grin about it! It was just so silly and funny! Something about the red wine and then the bill and dessert and who got to pick the movie last time.

And then the table next to me was a group of two couples visiting Portland and they were chattering on about how rad Portland is. And I wanted to lean in and slip in something like “Oh yes yes isn’t it great…AND also I live here.”

If you ever see a gal (or a guy) dining out by himself, she/he is probably making up all sorts of things about you and trying to listen in on your conversation. Because when you solo dine there’s no one to entertain you or converse with you, so one must entertain oneself!

| outfit details |

Vintage 1930s polka dot dress | antique shop
Vintage Stetson hat | can’t remember, probably from a thrift store in Arizona
Vintage bag | Buffalo Exchange (I think)
Vintage locket | antique shop
Vintage 1930s silk slip | buying appointment
Vintage Salvatore Ferregamo shoes | my friend’s airstream vintage shop, Blossom Vintage

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First Portland Estate Sale


This morning I woke up bright and early to attend an estate sale. I had to map out all the different places I was going to because if you read in the last blog post, I am AWFUL at using my phone to navigate. I made it to the estate sale with 15 minutes till the doors opened and I was number 61! SIXTY ONE… I never get my hopes up at estate sales though. If I find treasure, then hooray, if not, well at least I got to poke around someone’s old house and old stuff.

I was quite sure I wouldn’t find much after the SIXTY people went ahead of me…however, the estate sale Gods must have been on my side because NO ONE was looking at the clothes. Except for this one lady who had grabbed all the fur coats. Not really my thing. I wandered into the bedroom and HOLY VINTAGE SMOKES a 1920s navy blue dress was just hanging on a peg. I was thinking “HEELllloooo don’t you people know what’s that RIGHT there?!” In about 3 seconds I had skipped over to the back corner and snatched that baby up.

Did I squeal a little and do a little shoulder dance? Damn right I did. An older lady looked over at me, amused, I think. Or jealous. Or both! Haha!


Afterwards I hopped on upstairs and found a few more pretty dresses hanging on the walls. These had to be the special beauties that were cherry picked from her closet! And they weren’t pennies cheap so I knew these had to be special. I didn’t even check the condition. I just grabbed and stuck them in my cardboard box my heart racing madly.

The attic closet was around the corner and my heart sank a bit because another girl was already in there. OH BUT Hooray, she’s going for the 80s stuff! OMG She’s picking up a silk and lace 1930s blouse…please put it down…put it down. You don’t want that! You want that black and pink neon snazzy drapey thing made of polyester. She drops it back on the pile. And SNAP it’s mine! (She DOES pick up the 80s dress!)

I’m in a state of euphoria I’m humming made up songs. La la la ti dah. This was so worth waking up at 6 AM. La di dahhh this was worth missing breakfast at Sweedeedee. La la li la ti dahhhh I’m keeping all these for myself.




After I paid for my loot, I dropped it all in my trunk and went back for seconds. Not for clothes though. I needed stuff for my house! I think I bought… 5 or maybe six pressed flowers in frames. You know I’m kind of obsessed with those right? In fact when I got rung up again the cashier called me “Oh it’s the flower girl!”

As I was checking out a much older lady started picking up the things in my little cardboard box.

“Oh! This is nice! What are you going to do with this?”

“Hang it.”

“You have a lot of these.” (pressed flowers)

“I know. I love them.” (stop touching my stuff!!)

“Well it sure looks like it.”

(smiling) “Yes ma’am!”

By the way, today is my one week anniversary of moving to Portland. Are y’all sick of me telling you how much I adore Portland yet? No? Good! Because I’ll probably babble on about how awesome it is until the clouds and rain crush my spirits!

| outfit details |
Vintage 1950s silk top + skirt set | a birthday gift from my friend Cari
Vintage Hat | antique mall
Vintage Cardigan | antique mall
Sandals | Madewell

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