The Joy of Picking Flowers

I never miss a chance to pick flowers if a field of wildflowers is readily available. How very quickly does a wild bouquet charm?

The Joy of Picking Flowers

There are flower farms here in Portland where one can get some clippers and snip blooms for mere cents! Well, not exactly mere cents… but one can get a single bloom for .25 cents or .50 cents depending on the season. A bouquet of fresh flowers can be yours for less than $10. See…Sometimes happiness CAN┬ábe bought.

Of course if you decide to take a walk through some wild place where Sweet Peas and Queen Anne’s Lace grow in abundance, you can’t help it but to make a few selections. Just don’t go picking flowers from your neighbors’ yards/gardens! I’m quite sure that’s trespassing! Haha!

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Here I am holding a small bouquet of flowers I gathered in a small field. You can follow more flower picking adventures on instagram, my moniker is @adoredvintage!

Adored Vintage | The Joy of Picking Flowers

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