The Quiet Before the Storm

Adored Vintage | The Quiet Before the Storm

Only a few more days until we move into the new studio space. A storm of ideas have been brewing inside of my head.

So. Many. Ideas. 

On Sunday my husband and I (and Redford) headed out to my place of solace, Sauvie Island. It was a perfect grey and cool Autumn morning. On the drive to Sauvie we past by my soon to be studio. The anticipation, it’s half agony half joy!

I look so large in this photo. Larger than life!. You know I stand only 5 feet tall in real life, right? But in this picture I look quite formidable. Like, HEY CORN YOU BETTER NOT MESS!

I am so excited you guys! So excited! There is a part of me that’s just like “UNLEASH THE KRAKEN!!!” (i.e. ALL THE THINGS I want to do)

But for now, it is quiet. Me quietly making little plans. Me quietly packing. Me quietly planning my dominion over all the pretty things. Just kidding. I got a little dark there on you, didn’t I? I HAVE been rewatching (like 3 times now) all the LOTR movies, ring of power, dominion of all things… Can you guess who my favorite character is?

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