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Folklore Winter Inspiration

A couple weeks ago during one of my vintage haunts, I chanced upon a book titled “Tasha Tudor’s Garden.” Immediately as I rifled through the pages of beautiful images, I fell in love with Tasha Tudor and the world she created for herself and lived in. It is a world I want to dive into and never leave.

image credits: Flower Roof | Phoebe Wahl Illustration  | Holding Chickens | Child With Basket

Just a few days before I found this book I had been musing about ideas for wintry editorials for the shop, a theme for my vintage booth at Grand Marketplace, and folkore inspired colors, prints, and textures.

So, how wonderful it was to stumble upon Tasha Tudor and her all antique ensembles of rustic and simple clothing. Something so cozy, so homespun, so absolutely comforting about the clothes she wears and the life she lived.

Folklore Winter Inspiration

Of course after a bit of search on ye olde Pinterest I discovered a contemporary artist, Phoebe Wahl and my heart started skipping with glee over all the colors, mix of prints and patterns, and all the flora of her illustrations.

In all but 3 seconds I started making a mental list in my head of necessary wardrobe additions I must procure for the winter so I can channel Tasha Tudor and Phoebe Wahl’s illustrations.

image credits: Tasha Tudor images | Phoebe Wahl illustration | cozy sweaters | mustard sweater | Latvian mitten patterns

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