Vintage Inspired Home: A Bit of Blush

This morning I asked my husband what he thinks about pale pink bedding. Thankfully his immediate response wasn’t to recoil and go “AUGH, Pink! I am a M-A-N (rawwwrr) I will not have pink in my bedroom!” Instead he responded with “Well, what do you mean…”, which I then proceeded to show him some pale (pale) pink linen bedding to go with our grey and cream bedding. He wasn’t crazy about the idea, but didn’t say no either.

Home Inspiration: Blush Pink

So, basically since the husband said he wouldn’t mind pale pink bedding, I’m assuming he’s going to be A-OK with me getting a pink velvet couch! Just kidding, I HAD a pink velvet couch and I sold it. Sometimes I regret that decision… but actually, it wasn’t the right shade of pink I wanted.

I am wondering how pale pink walls in a bathroom would be…. I’ve had dark navy walls in our bathroom before and then a sort of minty pale green and cream combo. I think a pink bathroom would be rather nice. A nice faded shade of pink with warm undertones, like sand. Pink is a very feminine color and I think it can get a bad rep for being fussy. Here are some pale pink colors I would consider for a bathroom or even for a bedroom.

Home Inspiration: Blush Pink

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The images below are the ones I showed the husband. Of course the one on the left was a little TOO MUCH, but he was ok with the one on the right. Although, truth be told, the one on the left is a bit too much even for my blush loving heart. So, now I have a new mission… find pale pink bed linens!

And if you are in search of a bit of blush for your bed, Hale Mercantile Co. has some really beautiful bedding (about $59 AUD for a pillowcase))

Home Inspiration: Blush Pink

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  1. I have a full-queen duvet cover that is linen and the palest of pinks, if you would like it! I am not at home right now and I can’t remember who the maker is but I know it retailed for $400. Obviously I LOVE blush decor because have you seen my Instagram feed? But I ended up going in a different direction with my bedding. DM me on Insta if you want!

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