Vintage Sewing Booklets 1949, 1958, 1961


Let us dive into some vintage sewing ephemera! I obtained these three booklets from an estate sale. Quite some time ago. I often pick these up as they are wonderful for research especially in dating vintage clothing and also in general sewing knowledge.


This is a feature inside the 1949 Simplicity Sewing Book. I love that so much attention was paid to what colors suited you best. I feel this is something we don’t really take into much consideration anymore.


Inside the 1949 sewing book is an illustrated guide of sewing tools one should have. I really dislike this bright orange color motif (the ENTIRE booklet features this highlight color, yuck)


Here are two advertisements for fabrics in the Spring 1961¬†McCall’s Pattern book. On the left Paris inspired prints from Lowenstein and on the right an advertisement for Du Pont fabrics showing Dacron (a type of polyester fabric) and Cotton.


Another fabric advertisement in the McCall’s 1961 Pattern Fashions book. This time for Estron acetate fabrics.


These are pages from the Vogue 1958 August-September Pattern Book. It is interesting for me to note these styles look more in tune with what we know the early 60s fashions to be in America. BUT, remember! These are fashions from PARIS and Paris was always on ahead in fashion!


These couple of pages from the 1958 Vogue Pattern book features a lot of wonderful separates and I love that they are referred to as “Change-About Wardrobe” I quite love the ¬†dress worn with the peter pan collar blouse.

vintagesewingbooklets_07 vintagesewingbooklets_08

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