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Where did November go you guys? I literally felt like it was JUST Halloween and I was dressed up like Eliza Doolittle and dancing around the studio with “dirt” on my face.

Ahh well, life moves on. And the Presidential election happened. Yep. THAT happened. However, this is not the place, nor will it really ever be, to discuss politics, so, let’s press on, shall we?

We have been adding so many new arrivals in the shop, both vintage clothing and accessories and modern vintage inspired clothing from our recent buying trip in L.A. If we listed ALL the new arrivals here, it would take too long, so here are just the most recent ones!

vintage 1970s Lilli Diamond gown with rhinestone accents | Frosted Champagne Dress


antique 1910s filet lace shirtwaist blouse | Verviers Society Blouse


vintage 1980s charccoal grey pleat skirt | Forever True Skirt


vintage yellow large floral print haori robe | Drifting Garlands Robe


vintage 1950s floral coat with hood | Scattered Rosehips Coat

antique 1910s lace midi petticoat skirt

antique 1910s lace midi petticoat skirt | De Volange Skirt

And I also shot a WHOLE BUNCH of vintage shoes most from the 1930s and 1940s, so here is just a sampling. So many more in the shop!

Vintage Shoes

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