Vintage Shop Update | Step to It!

It has been quite a long time since I have added new shoes to the shop. Do you care to know why? Well, wether you care or not I will tell you! It is because photographing shoes has always been something I hated doing. However, I have finally found a way of photographing shoes that works for me. VOILA!

Adored Vintage | Vintage Shoes

After trying several different ways of photographing the vintage shoes in the shop, I have settled on this style. While it’s not all together special, it’s quicker than shooting them on my feet or against multiple different backdrops. And so, long live the white backdrop!


The one thing I do like about photographing vintage shoes this way is that it looks entirely my own. I mean, I know other online stores shoot shoes in a similar fashion, but I don’t know of any other online vintage shops! So, a project for Adored Vintage will be to eventually rephotographing all the shoes in the shop so they all look the same. I adore consistency!

Adored Vintage | Vintage Shop Update | Step to It!

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