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I’ve been on a vintage shop update roll! It has actually been a personal goal of mine to get 200 (or slightly more than that) new arrivals in the shop this month and so far I’m at 80+. I’ve been regularly adding a lot of vintage accessories and vintage jewelry lately as I have quite a lot of these things, but I oddly enough don’t add them to the shop too often! And so… I am working on remedying this!

Vintage Shop Arrivals | Storybook Touch

I haven’t done a themed shop update in awhile, so I decided to do one today. Here are the shop links! The stockings are a rare find from the 1940s by Beautiful Bryans Hosiery and in the 40s, Salvador Dali did the ad campaign! Isn’t that amazing?

  1. vintage 1950s celery green pleated nylon blouse
  2. vintage 1990s romantic battenburg lace duster jacket
  3. vintage 1950s cream cardigan with pastel floral beading
  4. vintage 1950s pale pink velvet flocked floral skirt
  5. antique 1910s crochet yoke drawstring camisole top
  6. vintage 1940s peach stitched brassiere
  7. vintage 1940s ivory silk lace trimmed tap shorts
  8. vintage 1940s Bryans black footed seamed nylon stockings

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