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If you know The Beatles, I’m sure you know of Teddy Boys. But did you know there were Teddy Girls? In case you didn’t, let me give you a little brief. Teddy Boys were a 1950s subculture in England. You can say they were post-war punks. After the war, there was an abundance of vintage Edwardian suits, and the youth started wearing them.

Their style was influenced by Edwardian dandies. Teddy Girls, also known as Judies, were their female counterparts. They wore blazers over collared shirts, neck scarves, secretary bows, velvet, brooches, straw hats, and Edwardian hairstyles. The most important part of their style, however, is their attitude. They were rebellious young ladies. Teddy Girls were daughters of working class immigrants and at the age of 14 or 15 they often left school to work in a factory, so as a response to their struggle, they grew thick skin.

What I love so much about Teddy Girls is although they were known as girl gangs and were notorious for being misfits, they didn’t wear torn up casual clothes, they were dressed up in clothing that high end Edwardian aristocrats would wear.

So, next time I’m feeling a bit rebellious, I’ll be reaching for a brooch and and tweed blazer, not fishnets and studded mini skirts (which I actually don’t even own!).

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