Working From Home and The Latest Going Ons

Adored Vintage Atelier Inspiration

As slow as August seemed to past (or did it pass quickly? I don’t even know?) September is chugging through like a mad train. This past year that I have reverted back to working from home and running Adored Vintage from my house has given me newfound knowledge that I simply just cannot work from home.

Adored Vintage Atelier InspirationWhile there are perks of working from home (wearing vintage slips as workwear attire), I found there were more cons. Or actually distractions while working at home.

For one I was always reminded of OTHER things I could/should be doing. Dishes in the sink. Laundry. Work in the yard. Sweep the floor. Vacuum. Watch episode of The Bachelorette… (p.s. this moody image  the dress forms literally makes me want to cry, I wish I knew the original source, someone uploaded it on Pinterest)

Work Life and Home Life have been smashed into one messy circle where there was no clear end for one thing and no clear beginning for the other. As you know I had a separate work studio back in California so I’ve had the experience of having work and personal life be separate. The biggest con I can think of for having a separate work/home environment was I barely left my workspace.

When I’m “IN THE ZONE” I am fully entrenched, elbows deep in whatever project I was wanting to do.

Adored Vintage Atelier Inspiration

Working from home I’ve gotten a little lazier. My productivity levels plummeted. It is difficult to be motivated to photograph pictures of dresses when it is sunny outside and when you know you could be tending to the rosemary and hydrangea in the backyard. Also my house is a wreck of clothes almost all the time. It’s taking over most of the rooms.

And so the decision has been made that I will be getting a new workspace again soon (which I alluded to in THIS POST). Work and Life will be separate again. I tried working from home for a year and my business barely grew. Instead I feel it became stagnant, stale. And who the heck wants stale vintage?!

Not this gal!

I am looking at a couple of spaces on Tuesday and hopefully a few more the rest of the week. Wish me luck ladies (and gents? Do guys even read my girly vintage blog?) I will be sharing the journey of finding a creative studio/atelier for Adored Vintage in the city that I love, Portland here in this blog!

All images in this post are from Pinterest which I’ve gathered into this board: Adored Vintage Atelier Inspiration (lots more ideas there… which will actually come to fruition?)

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  1. Hello,

    I think it’s a good choice you’ve made. I only can imagine how it’s like, always distracted by other things (oh my I think in Dutch and I have to write it in English!!!). Especially when you have your own bussiness, then it’s hard not to stay focus. I hope you will find the right space and I know you would for your lovely shop, and I’m sure you will find the right balance between work en home again! Maybe one day I will come to visit it from the Netherlands. I definitely would love too!


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